Moving with Pets? What you need to know…

Moving to Hawaii is a dream for many, and for pet owners, ensuring their furry family members can join the adventure is a top priority. Hawaii’s unique status as a rabies-free state means there are specific regulations you’ll need to navigate. This guide provides a comprehensive overview to make your move to Hawaii with pets as smooth as possible.

Understanding Hawaii’s Pet Import Regulations: Hawaii’s strict pet import rules are designed to keep the islands rabies-free. The process involves several steps, including microchipping, rabies vaccinations, and a waiting period after the last rabies vaccination. Pets may also require an OIE-FAVN blood test to measure rabies antibodies, and results need to be sent directly from the lab to Hawaii’s Animal Quarantine Station.

Planning Your Move:


      1. Start Early: Begin the pet relocation process at least 4-6 months before your move. The waiting period after the rabies antibody test is 120 days before entry into Hawaii to avoid quarantine.

      1. Check Quarantine Requirements: While the goal is to qualify for Direct Airport Release (DAR) to avoid quarantine, some pets may need to undergo quarantine if requirements are not fully met. Familiarize yourself with the options and procedures on the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s website.

      1. Health Certificate: Within 14 days of travel, your pet will need a health certificate from a vet. Ensure all paperwork is meticulously completed to prevent any delays.

    Finding Pet-Friendly Housing: Securing pet-friendly accommodation can be challenging in Hawaii, especially for renters. Here are some tips:


        • Research Early: Start your search for pet-friendly housing well in advance. Use online resources and local real estate agents familiar with pet policies in various communities.

        • Understand Pet Policies: Whether renting or buying, understand the specific pet policies, including any breed restrictions, weight limits, or additional fees.

      Making the Journey Comfortable for Your Pet:


          • Choose the Right Carrier: Ensure your pet’s carrier meets airline specifications and is comfortable for the long flight.

          • Familiarize Your Pet: Help your pet get accustomed to the carrier well before your travel date to reduce stress.

        Conclusion: Moving to Hawaii with pets requires careful planning and attention to detail, but with the right preparation, you can ensure a safe and stress-free transition for your beloved animals. Embrace the adventure ahead, knowing that paradise awaits you and your furry friends on the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

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