Can You Cancel Your Real Estate Listing in Hawaii?

Selling property in Hawaii comes with its unique set of considerations, especially when it comes to the question of whether a real estate listing can be canceled. Similar to processes in other states, such as California, Hawaii has its own rules and agreements that govern the relationship between property sellers and real estate agents. Here’s a closer look at what you need to know about canceling a real estate listing in the Aloha State.

Understanding Hawaii’s Listing Agreements

The “Exclusive Right to Sell” agreement is commonly used in Hawaii. This contract grants a single agent or broker the exclusive rights to sell your property for a set period. While this ties you to one professional, there might be instances where canceling the listing becomes a consideration, whether due to personal reasons or dissatisfaction with the agent’s performance.

Is Canceling Your Listing Possible?

Yes, canceling your real estate listing in Hawaii is possible, but it’s subject to the terms laid out in your agreement. Most contracts include specific clauses about cancellation, detailing any required notice periods and financial responsibilities that might come with such a decision.

Steps for Canceling Your Listing

  1. Review Your Agreement: Start by examining your listing agreement for any cancellation clauses. These sections will guide you on the proper steps and any financial implications.
  2. Talk to Your Agent: Before making a final decision, discuss your concerns with your agent. There might be solutions that can address your issues without needing to cancel.
  3. Provide Written Notice: If you decide to proceed with cancellation, you’ll typically need to give written notice to your agent or broker, adhering to the process outlined in your contract.
  4. Understand the Financial Impact: Be aware of any financial consequences, such as owing commission for the agent’s efforts or reimbursing marketing expenses.

Mutual Cancellation

Often, the most straightforward path to canceling a listing is through mutual consent with your agent. Many agents prefer to end the agreement amicably if the partnership isn’t proving beneficial for either party.

Legal Advice is Key

Real estate regulations vary by state, making it crucial to seek advice from a legal professional or real estate expert familiar with Hawaii’s specific laws. This ensures you fully understand your rights and any recent legal changes that might influence your situation.


While canceling a real estate listing in Hawaii is an option, it requires careful attention to your contract and clear communication with your agent. Whether due to changes in your situation or a reevaluation of your selling plan, knowing your rights and responsibilities is crucial.

For more information on managing your property sale in Hawaii or for further real estate advice, keep exploring our blog for up-to-date insights and guidance tailored to Hawaii’s market.  If you want to further explore The Multiple Listing Service of Hawaii’s Rule & Regulations they can be found HERE


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